Getting Ready!!

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As I sit at work driving all over Montcalm county here in Michigan i cannot help but see trees are changing to the show the brilliance which is known as fall. Fall brings about a time which all hunters start to get the itch. The urge to be in the great out doors becomes something of a phenomenon. A call no man or women hunter can ignore, at least any longer. I sit here after a summer of food plots and trails cam pictures and think to myself of all the hours I have put in this summer to help my fall be one to remember. shooting bows and tuning them. deciding which of the million different types of broad heads there are, which one to use. Getting out the camo and remembering all of the good times you have had in the suit of camo. Looking at the boots that you have walked miles in whether tracking deer or walking in snow, it brings a smile to my face.

The fall is air is something to reckoned with. Venison has come into season and I know we are all hungry. The thought of hanging tree stands and shooting 3d to get ready for the best time of the year. Every hunt is a chance to have a memory of a lifetime. to bond with blood brothers and sisters over something we are all very passionate about. Bon fires telling stories of the biggest deer you ever seen that previous hunt but it was just out of range. the squirrel that fooled you into thinking it was a deer. The RUT, what can be said about the best time to be a bow hunter. Turkeys making all kinds of noise to ruin your hunt. Taking some of the best naps your gonna take all year. The smell of the deer camp trailer you forgot to clean out from last year, but you tough through it. All of the deer camp traditions shared by all ( I know we all have them). Introducing young blood to hunting and celebrating with them when the succeed and being there when they don't, they are the future protectors of this amazing life style we have grown to be so passionate about. 33 days out from season I sit here typing this blog probably no one will see or read but for those of you who are. The time is now, gear up the woods are calling out names for us to descend and then ascend. Sharpen your edges and shoot straight my fellow hunters and huntresses because It's almost game time!

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