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Thread: Past giveaway failure

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    Default Past giveaway failure

    Hello all. I have to start by trying to apologize for a past giveaway that i offered and was unable to fulfill to the contest winner. I had gone thru a series of physical injury's and personal turmoil all of which i tried to explain to several members and the winner.There are many in the ABCC and BHT that are outstanding individuals and it is my hope that my inability to follow thru with my promise does not and will not reflect on anyone here or a member of the ABCC.

    The moderator was kind enough to allow me a password rest so i could post here and try to contact the winner to get his heads to him.I also wanted to post a short explanation of my failure and a most sincere apology to anyone who may have been disappointed or effected by my failure.Im not expecting anything from anyone and understand any negative feedback or doubts of my intentions.It was important to me to do the right thing and get the heads to the winner and say i was sorry to anyone affected by my actions.

    I also want to thank several members that have been very understanding and willing to listen to me and get me to this point.My hope and only intention is to get the heads to a new collector.

    Again my sincere apology to anyone who may have been affected by my actions. Ed.
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    Your a man of your word ED !!!!

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