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Thread: Tuffarrowhead......first impressions.

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    Default Tuffarrowhead......first impressions.

    I received a 100 grain, 2 blade, 1 1/4 Tuffarrowhead from Blackwater Products.

    First thoughts. DANG!!! They are THICK! Package indicates they are .051 heat treated stainless. They should be tougher than nails!

    I had one concern with the heads while I looked at pics of them on their website. There is a "notch" that the arrow has to fit into between the blades. I was concerned that my oversized Gold Tip 22Seires wouldn't fit between the notches.

    As was concerned they would NOT fit on the oversized shafts of the GT22 series arrows.

    But NEVER FEAR!! They fist standard sized shafts JUST FINE This is the Tuffarrowhead on my Vicorty VForce V1 shafts. NO PROBLEM.

    I haven't gotten to shoot them yet, and don't know when I will be able to. I have to do labor tomorrow........ it is Labor Day and that's what my wife thinks its for.

    I don't forsee any flight or durability issue with this head though. Looks solid as a rock! The "issue" with the fat shafts won't be anything to worry about with 95% of the hunting public. Most use standard or slim shafts for hunting.

    Another word of caution. They are considered "barbed" and many states won't allow their uses. Read up on your regs first! I have to do that myself. Our regs in WV used to have the no barb requirement but I haven't noticed it for a few years. Just make sure before you take the afield that they are legal in your state.
    WOW!!!! That arrow looks beat all to heck! I just looked it over and the pic is making it look really bad. Cant see anything wrong with the arrow.
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    Those are indeed very nice looking heads and appear to be solid. Unfortunately, in the NWT, we can't use them, we have the barbed rule up here. Let us know how they pan out !!!!

    I bet they would make for a great traditional bow broadhead though !!!!
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    They will be illegal in some states because they are barbed

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    Well welcome aboard Bob, glad to see you posting. The ABCC must have about a dozen members on board now. Keep posting and if you can figure out who I am, thanks for the great 12 head trade we just made about a week ago.

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