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Thread: Ashby broadhead

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    Default Ashby broadhead

    Im tryin to get a setup just to shoot this broadhead, what would you say is the minimum draw weight (compound bow) to shoot a 725g arrow effectively out to 40-45 yards. arrows- GrizzlyStik Momentun 65/80 @ 29.5", aprox 400g and Ashby bh 315g, total arrow weight aprox 725g. This setup will be just for hogs.

    My bow is a 2010 Elite Z28, 70#, 29.5" draw, do I need 80# limbs?
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    This sounds like the perfect set up for just about anything walking if taken at close range. Even casting this projectile at your 70 pound draw weight, using a modern compound bow, you will experience quite a trajectory.

    Dr. Ashby uses an eighty pound draw long bow when hunting his buffalo and doing broadhead testing. Your Elite is much more efficient and should extend the effective range well beyond that of the long bow. In my opinion, any range that can be reached with your current sight will be devastating with this arrow combination. Most likely you will have to abandon the use of one or more pins on your sight because of that trajectory.

    My compound is drawing 62 pounds at 27 inches draw, using a 495 grain arrow. I can use my sight (Spot Hogg 7 pin Hogg It) out to 60 yards. Even taking into account your additional draw length and higher draw weight, it strikes me as unlikely you will be able to use a sight pin beyond the fifty yard mark. If you can hit reliably at that range, virtually any North American animal will be in serious trouble.

    Sounds like a load of fun to me!
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    I would start with 70. Your long draw will help but putting 725 grains that far down range could prove difficult. Must big game bows that shoot heavy arrows are set to 80 or higher, but their arrows are also a big bigger.

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    187Bowhunter..... The high total mass, larger than typical front of center...serious momentum generated to drive that arrow/broadhead combination thru any shoulder plate on the largest hogs on any continent.
    No need of using heavier limbs. And yes...hogs are my number one choice for testing all things sharp and pointy launched via a bow...more specifically...big boar hogs here in have a little experience on a proper setup. The specific setup you have is an outstanding setup for hunting monster hogs....or elk....or moose...or bison...Yep...anything you want to go hunt...that combo will get it done so long as you do your part in shot placement.
    Good hunting!

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